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Specialist speaker videos available


Blood pressure issues and sleep disturbance

Dr Camille Carroll discusses blood pressure issues and sleep disturbance


Freezing of gait

Dr Will Young is a Psychologist and Human Movement Scientist specialising in how anxiety influences the way we control our balance and walking.


Genetics and Parkinson's

Dr Stephen Mullin, lecturer at Plymouth University, is interviewed about genetics and Parkinson’s.


Mood changes and cognitive issues

Dr Camille Carroll, Neurood changes and cognitive difficulties


Understanding your medications

What is a dopamine agonist? Why do we use them? These and other questions will be answered by Dr Ray Sheridan, Consultant at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital.

Dr Sheridan talks about many of the Parkinson’s medications that we use or hear about.


Why is physical activity so good for people with Parkinson's?

Julie Jones talks about the growing evidence supporting the value of increased physical activiity in the management of Parkinson's

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