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Professionals talking about Parkinson's


Dr Stephen Mullin, lecturer at Plymouth University, is interviewed about genetics and Parkinson’s.


In recent years it has become clear that genetics plays a key role in the development of Parkinson’s.


By understanding genetic pathways, the hope is that a novel drug to prevent or slow down Parkinson’s development can be produced. 

51 minute video


Dr Camille Carroll, Neurologist at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, discusses the non-motor symptoms, mood changes and cognitive difficulties.

61 minute video.


In this video Dr Camille Carroll answers questions on the problems that people with Parkinson's experience with changes in blood pressure and sleep disturbance.


The video is 59 minutes long.


The first section deals with blood pressure changes, and the second part deals with sleep disturbance.


Dr Ray Sheridan talks about the Parkinson’s medications that we may use or have heard about.

71 minutes

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