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Terms of use

The Parkinson's Together website is currently being developed.

By using this site you agree that:

-Any personal data submitted to the site may be shared according to the rules stated at the point of registration.

-At any time you may request an administrator to confirm what personal data is held and to request all of your personal data to be removed.

-By submitting content, you agree that it may be publicised on this website and distributed to users of the website according to the copyright rules you define in your registration form.

-You furthermore agree that should anyone breach these rules, you will not hold Parkinson’s Together liable but will pursue any claim against the person who is in breach.

-As a user of the website you agree to treat all content provided as copyrighted unless otherwise clearly stated and you accept full responsibility for any claim which may be pursued by a copyright owner of material which you make use of.

Joining the forum

Your name and email address will be visible to any other people using the forum.  Members of the forum will be able to post and comment.

Joining the Contact Sharing group

Your name, email address, phone number, area of the country, and local group name will be visible to all other members of the Contact Sharing group.

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