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Parkinson’s Together is an online support group for people throughout the UK affected by Parkinson’s. It is run by volunteers.  It is a signposting site to information about Parkinson's from many sources. It also offers online sessions for you to join.

The website will only thrive if you contribute. Please send in your ideas for new links to be included. The more contributions we receive, the more helpful the site will become.

Please use ‘Something to add? ' to submit your ideas.

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What's available?

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  • Parkinson's Info
Links to other websites for information about Parkinson's

  • Support

Links to helpline and other support

At a glance - all events and meetings coming up soon  There are both informal meetings and more formal webinars.  The list includes our webinars and those offered by other orgnisations. ​​                                                      

Events of interest from Parkinson's Together and other organisations

  • Physical activity

Links to a variety of physical activity opportunities, both online and video.

Includes videos of all previous PT specialist speaker sessions,  and links to video libraries from other organisations  

Links to podcasts, blogs and newslatters.  For example,  Movers and Shakers podcast 

  • Other groups

Meetings and information for groups such as Working Age, Care partners....

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What's new?

New video available

New recording issued by No Silver Bullet 4PD.


Julie Jones, senior lecturer at Robert Gordon University, presents on how we actually get started exercising to improve our Parkinson's. There is so much evidence now that exercise helps many PD symptoms but where do you start?  


Julie presents a clear path that all PwP could follow.​​

It is also available as a Podcast from all major providers. This is the link to Spotify.

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Do you know of an event, activity or a website with great videos or webinars that we don't link to on this site?

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  • Help with joining online sessions

Learn how to use Zoom controls in meetings and webinars

This website contains links to information, events, videos and classes offered by other organisations which may be of interest to you. While we make every effort to only include suitable links, you must make your own decision about viewing the content or joining any activity. Being included in this list DOES NOT guarantee that the content or class is suitable for you or that the content or class is validated. We are not liable for any advice given or treatment received, or any loss or damage incurred because of using these links.

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